0800 – 0845 (GMT+8)

Title Deep Dive into Endoscope Reprocessing Best Practices: The Importance of Compliance to The European Guidelines to Deliver Higher Quality Standards of Safety to Patients
Details Date: 30 July 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 0800 – 0845
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 406D, Level 4
Synopsis Modern endoscopes bring on with their innovations complex challenges when it comes to reprocessing those highly sophisticated instruments.

In order to address those changes, scope reprocessing guidelines are evolving in parallel. Not only those Guidelines and Best Practices are not focused on reducing the burden of the preventive infection, but they aim to protect the hospital staff as well as increase the life of the equipment itself.

Objectives · Identify the key changes in the Endoscopy Reprocessing Guidelines, and why is it important to follow
· Identify the area of improvement in your current endoscopy reprocessing setting
· Implementing those Best Practices in your hospital
Schedule  Time Description/Title Speaker
0800 – 0805 Welcome and Introduction Ms Monica Menin Ostani
0805 – 0825 Deep dive into Endoscope Reprocessing Best Practices: The Importance of Compliance to the European Guidelines to Deliver Higher Quality Standards of Safety to Patients Ms Monica Menin Ostani
0825 – 0835 Water Quality for Final Rinsing of Endoscopes – Where Do We Stand? Ms Jernih Lim
0835 – 0845 Q&A and Closing • Ms Monica Menin Ostani
• Ms Jernih Lim
• Ms Lavinia Lopez (Q&A Moderator)
Faculty addrs Monica Menin Ostani, Italy

Ms Monica is a Global Business Development Manager Endoscopy at Ecolab, Healthcare Division where she supports international markets with global market intelligence.

She lectures at scientific congresses and supports SOLUSCOPE Academy in Scientific Events. She lectured in Singapore in 2016, invited by Operating Room Nurses Chapter, Singapore Nurses Association. With her vast experience, she has developed relationships with National & International KOLs and Scientific Associations.

She is a committee member of:
• CEN/TC 102/WG 6 “Gas sterilizers”
• CEN/TC 102/WG 8 “Performance requirements and testing for washer disinfectors”
• ISO/TC 198/WG 13
• UNI/CT 044/SC 12/GL 03 “Processi di sterilizzazione” Progetto “U42129870 Ricondizionamento dei dispositivi-medici – Guida al ricondizionamento degli endoscopi termolabili”

Jernih Lim, Malaysia

Jernih Lim is a Nurse Manager at Penang Adventist Hospital, Malaysia. She is presently president of the Malaysian Gastroenterology Nurses/Assistant Med. Officers & Associates (MSGNMA). She obtained her certificate in Gastroenterology Nursing for RN (QUT, Australia) in 2008 & her GI Endoscopy Nursing Post Basic training (MOH, Malaysia) in 2009. She is also a member of the European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates (ESGENA) & the Society of International Gastroenterological Nurses and Endoscopy Associates (SIGNEA).

Ms Lavinia Lopez, Singapore
Clinical Specialist, Ecolab APAC
Title Moisture Retention; The Great Cover Up!
Details Date: 30 July 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 0800 – 0845 (GMT+8)
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 405B, Level 4
Synopsis Many factors come together for steam sterilization of medical instrumentation. When one factor isn’t right, retained moisture with the possibility of contaminated packs is in your future. Join Dolores O’Connell as she discusses sterilizer performance, engineering designs and clinical practices that help reduce and potentially eliminate moisture events in your packs.
Objectives · Review steam sterilization performance and its impact on sterilizer design and utilization
· Plan to reduce the potential of moisture retention through practical solutions easily rolled out in clinical practice
· Establish clinical best practices that reduce the potential for moisture retention

Delores O’Connell is a Senior Clinical Education Specialist representing STERIS Corporation supporting Infection Prevention Technology (IPT) Healthcare in the Pacific Northwest. She is responsible for supporting the professional education needs to achieve best practices in infection prevention, sterile processing, surgical and endoscopy environments as it pertains to device processing.

Prior to STERIS, Mrs. O’Connell started her career as a staff nurse and spent 22 years as the Manager/Director of Sterile Processing, Surgical Inventory/SCM and Medical Equipment Logistics for a multi hospital system in the US. She has worked as a consultant on several healthcare construction projects assisting in developing a reprocessing department from the blueprint stage to full operation. She was actively involved in her last position with the build of the surgical services interface of the EMR with the OR preference cards for inventory and instrumentation and as an internal business manager for the OR.

She promotes Quality and Lean philosophies alongside management systems and cultural change to improve patient safety while collaboratively working with all stakeholders from clinicians to administrators.

· 2021 Completed Fellowship with HSPA, Chicago, IL.
· June 2021 & June 2022 Accepted to speak nationally at the APIC National Conferences.
· 2020 Accepted to speak nationally at the OR Today Live Conference Denver, CO.
· 2019 Volunteer with ASQ to develop Body of Knowledge for Associate Certification, 2020 Volunteer for ASQ Test
· Question development project.
· 2019 HSPA Certified for Endoscope Reprocessing CER.
· 2019 National Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Conference Speaker Nashville, TN.
· 2019 Published in the SGNA 6th Edition of “Gastroenterology Nursing, A Core Curriculum,” as a reviewer.
· 2018 Published Healthcare Purchasing News Articles- “The Case for Residual Soil Detection Testing.” & “Seeing
· Clearly Preventing the Avoidable When Reprocessing Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments.” 2020 “Making Sense of
· Your Medical Device IFU.”
· 2019-2022 Educational Webinars provided for STERIS University, Ambulatory Surgery Association Chapters in
· Oregon & Colorado.
· 2019- Ongoing Host, Collaborator & frequent featured speaker for the Washington State Hospital Association
· Infection Prevention monthly webinar series.
· 2016 Published as Subject Matter Expert in IAHCSMM now HSPA Central Service Technical Manual 8th Edition.

Ms Chang Pin Sun, Singapore

Major Operating Theatre, Singapore General HospitalMs Chang is a registered nurse with thirty years of practice in peri-operative nursing. Graduated in 1992, trained in peri-operative nursing in 1993 and attained the Master of Science (Health Practice) Clinical Leadership Major with Curtin University in 2021.She has worked as an Assistant Director, Nursing and helmed the specialty team of OT Nursing Robotic Group in Major Operating Theatre, overseeing the Ambulatory Surgery Centre and Urology Operating Theatre of Singapore General Hospital. She is also responsible for the Sterile Supplies Unit (SSU) that plays a vital role in the processing of instruments and sets for the operating theatres and procedure rooms of the hospital.In Ms Chang’s present role, she plans, co-ordinates, integrates and facilitates smooth peri-operative nursing care delivery and provide consistent high standards processed surgical instruments to ensure patient safety and reducing hospital surgical infection align with the organizational objectives.

Steve Challinor (Singapore), Clinical Education Fellow, Cantel APAC Clinical Education Team
· Q&A Moderator
Vinnie See (Singapore), Clinical Education Specialist, Cantel APAC Clinical Education Team
· Q&A Moderator

1130 – 1230 (GMT+8)

Title Efficacy of PX-UV to SARS-CoV-2 and Anti-Microbial Resistance Through 3 Countries Experiences
Details Date: 30 July 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 1130 – 1230 (GMT+8)
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 405B, Level 4
Synopsis The COVID-19 pandemic has affected infection control practices worldwide to prevent spread and reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDRO) related infections. Although COVID-19 is moving towards an endemic state, there are many challenges in the clinical area to overcome and new innovative solutions need to be considered to move towards effective and efficient infection control protocols to cope with the possible increased demand in the healthcare system to prevent spread of COVID-19. This panel brings in leading experts in infection control to discuss on relevant topics in relation to prevention of COVID-19 spread in the clinical area.
Objectives Understand and explore new infection control methods in preventing spread of COVID-19 and reducing HAI rate
Schedule 1130 – 1135 Welcome Speech A/Prof Helen Oh
1135 – 1150 Clinical Efficiency in Disinfecting Mobile Equipment in Hospital Settings A/Prof Ling Moi Lin
1150 – 1205 Effectiveness of Pulsed-Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection on the Control of Multidrug-Resistant Organisms Dr Keita Morikane
1205 – 1220 Strategy Infection Control Management During COVID-19 Pandemic (How to Deploy UVC Disinfection Robot During COVID) Asst. Prof Dr Mondej Sookpranee
1220 – 1228 Q&A
1228 – 1230 Closing Speech A/Prof Helen Oh
Faculty A/Prof Helen Oh, Singapore

Dr Helen Oh is a senior consultant with the Department of Infectious Diseases at Changi General Hospital (CGH). She received her medical degree from the National University of Singapore. She then went on to receive training in adult Infectious Disease from University of British Columbia, Canada, as well as in molecular diagnostics from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA.Dr Oh is a member of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on immunization and vaccine preventable diseases, Western Pacific Regional Office, World Health Organisation since 2011. Her research interests include dengue immunology, nosocomial infections, travel vaccines as well as environmental decontamination.

A/Prof Ling Moi Lin, Singapore

Dr Ling is the Director of Infection Control at Singapore General Hospital. A clinical microbiologist by training, Dr Ling has been active in Infection Control work in Singapore and the region. She has been conducting training programs in infection control in China, South East Asia as well locally in Singapore since 1995.

She is also the Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, where she contributed to the training in microbiology. Her other interests are in quality improvement and research in antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Keita Morikane
Dr. Keita Morikane is a Chief and Professor of Division of Clinical Laboratory and Infection Control, Yamagata University Hospital, Yamagata, Japan. He is a Board Certified Surgeon, a certified Infection Control Doctor and certified physician of Clinical Laboratory Medicine. He is serving as Executive board member at Japan Society for Surgical Infection, Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control and Japanese Society of Laboratory Medicine. He graduated from University of Tokyo, pursued his surgical career as a GI surgeon until 2003, when he moved to National Institute of Infectious Diseases. After five years of experience in public health and healthcare-associated infection, he moved to his current affiliation. His research interest includes control of transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms, particularly by environmental infection control.
Asst. Prof Dr Mondej Sookpranee
Dr. Mondej Sookpranee is an Infectious Diseases Consultant, a Chief of Covid-19 Command Center, and a Member of Medical Executive Committee at MedPark Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. He has received Thai Board of Internal Medicine since 1982. With his keen interest in infectious diseases, he continued a Clinical Infectious Diseases Fellowship training at Creighton University, Omaha, NE, USA, from 1987-1989. He has been renowned for Infectious Diseases Consultant & Hospital Epidemiologist at ones of the top hospitals in Thailand, Samitivej Hospital & Bumrungrad Hospital, since 1991. Last year, he decided to join the new, promising MedPark Hospital since its very beginning until now.