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Cantel is your partner in the fight against healthcare-associated infections.

From the endoscopy procedure to the reprocessing steps of manual cleaning, disinfection, drying, storage and transport, Cantel has everything you need to ensure your endoscopes are dry, free of damage, and patient-ready.


Maximize patient safety and improve workflow efficiency with ICU Medical’s full line of industry-leading IV pumps, safety software, solutions, needlefree IV connectors, sets, and other infusion technologies, providing you unmatched innovation, quality, and value.


When it comes to washer-disinfectors, MEIKO offers all-round solutions that tick all the boxes. Human excreta such as urine, faeces, sputum and vomit contain copious quantities of infectious material – yet many people fail to take into account the risks involved in disposing of them. Fortunately, MEIKO is on hand to get care utensils reliably and hygienically clean. The company’s cleaning and disinfection appliances meet the recommendations issued by the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society of Hospital Hygiene (DGKH), as well as many other international standards. Breathing apparatus equipment for fire services and factories must also comply with the hygiene requirements of the German Safety and Health at Work Act.


We Protect Lives Worldwide

For over 130 years, our company philosophy has been centered around one concept: hygiene. Our products and services protect people and materials against infections and contamination. In doing so, we have learnt that the prevention of infections is considerably easier than fighting them. As one of the market leaders in infection prevention, schülke offers solutions in the form of a harmonised product portfolio with numerous applications, ensuring its product quality and efficacy to combat the various challenges in the market.